Rinchen Emma Ridley

Front end developer and web accessibility specialist

About Me

Web Accessibility

I believe web accessibility should be intrinsic to front end development.

I have 5 years professional experience in planning, advising, implementing and testing for web accessibility.

2 years of this involved contract roles for Australian Government departments and educational organisations.

Front End Development

I have 7 years professional experience in front end development. I develop to W3C standards and for web accessibility.

I can offer broad experience across HTML5, CSS3, OOCSS, Sass, LESS, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, Grunt, GIT, Bootstrap, Wordpress, mobile first, progressive enhancement, responsive web design, web accessibility, WAI-ARIA and WCAG 2.0.


My blog explores the best practice techniques and resources for web accessibility and front end development.

Excellent JavaScript Resources

Some of the best articles, online versions of books and training sites for learning JavaScript and jQuery.