HTML5 Forms

New Form Features

HTML5 offers new input types, attributes and semantic elements for enhancing web forms.

Form Validation

HTML5 provides input types and attributes for validation. See Constraint Validation on the MDN site, Using the Constraint API for Form Validation from Sitepoint, and Accessible Client-side Form Validation with HTML5 on the Deque Systems site.

For client-side validation the forms on this site currently use the jQuery Validation plugin, see Accessible Forms Using jQuery. This will be updated to make use of native HTML5 validation of the Constraint Validation API, using Modernizr to check for browser support, and to provide a fallback if not supported .

Browser Support

The HTML5 features are supported by many but not all currently used browsers. However, the new input types can be used and will just be accepted by the browser as text type inputs if not supported.

WAI-ARIA for Forms

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